Counselling for Tree Planters

Supporting Vancouver's Tree Planters: Mental Health and Well-being

Amidst Vancouver’s verdant landscapes, tree planters play a pivotal role, nurturing our environment and championing the city’s dedication to ecological harmony. Their labour, though vital, encompasses intense physical demands and unique psychological challenges. Recognizing this, Skylark Counselling honours Vancouver’s tree planting communities to provide specialized therapeutic support attuned to their distinctive experiences. 

The Heart of a Tree Planter: Beyond the Physical Work

Tree planting is an embodiment of environmental stewardship, often executed in remote terrains, distanced from the familiarities of city life. Such rigorous labour, interspersed with moments of solitude, can evoke feelings of isolation, anxiety, and mental fatigue. Unpacking the emotional intricacies behind the sturdy facade of a tree planter is paramount. Our therapeutic engagements offer a space for tree planters to introspect on themes like the mental implications of relentless physical activity or navigating the seclusion of vast landscapes. 

Prioritizing Self-Care: Addressing Unique Stressors

In their passionate endeavor to rejuvenate our planet, tree planters might inadvertently overlook their personal well-being. We envision altering this trend. Our sessions furnish an avenue for them to articulate their challenges, from grappling with the erratic nature of seasonal employment to the emotional nuances of distance from familial connections. 

Community and Connection

Skylark Counselling’s approach emphasizes the power of collective healing. We urge tree planters to partake in group therapy sessions, fostering camaraderie, shared narratives, and enduring connections. Embracing therapeutic support symbolizes a commitment to holistic growth and mental fortitude. 

Skylark Counselling’s Pledge to Tree Planters 

Our unwavering allegiance to the tree planting community is anchored in our core values of genuine understanding and compassion. We strive to curate a sanctuary where every tree planter’s unique narrative is honoured and addressed with tailored therapeutic interventions. It’s not merely about therapeutic sessions; it’s a journey we embark on together, delving into their realities and extending steadfast support. 

Food for Thought

Tree planting is a testament to tenacity, dedication, and an unparalleled affinity for nature. Through our collaborative endeavors, our mission is to fortify their mental well-being, ensuring a robust support system as they continue their invaluable contributions. 


We remain mindful of the multifaceted challenges tree planters face and offers a plethora of resources to bolster their support: 

  • Tree Planters Wellness Initiative: A community-driven initiative extending peer support, counseling, and customized workshops for tree planters. 
  • Vancouver Environmental Outreach: Organizes wellness drives, seminars, and resources emphasizing holistic health for environmental professionals. 
  • Nature’s Voice Magazine: Regular features delve into wellness tactics tailored for outdoor professionals, encompassing both physical and mental health dimensions. 
  • Local Environmental Associations: Numerous associations possess wellness subdivisions, offering mental health-centric resources and events. 
  • Provincial Health Services: BC’s expansive mental health infrastructure, inclusive of emergency helplines and community health squads, stands ready for all in need. 

Tree planters, akin to all professionals, are encouraged to reach out to trusted peers or professionals to discuss their sentiments and apprehensions. The aforementioned resources are merely a springboard, and more tailored avenues may be accessible contingent on individual prerequisites. 

What’s Next?

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