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Counsellor Clinical Consultation

Clinical supervision is the process of receiving support, mentorship, and oversight from a more experienced clinician in the field of counselling psychology. During clinical supervision you will have the opportunity to discuss your cases, explore ethical conflicts, receive feedback on treatment strategies and outcomes, evaluate ways to manage stress and burnout, and more. Receiving clinical supervision is a great way to foster personal accountability for quality of client care, even if you have been practicing for many years. After all, it is human nature to become comfortable at what we are already good at, and receiving clinical supervision is a great way to refresh our knowledge and broaden our perspectives on the possibilities for client healing.

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Pursuing training in clinical supervision is a cornerstone in the development of an experienced counsellor. As each counsellor becomes an expert in the field, they gain the knowledge and privilege to mentor and supervise others. An important step in this process is to receive your own personal supervision, which teases out areas of clinical practice that need to be nurtured and provides confirmation on the skills we do well.

The BCACC has created a new designation of Registered Clinical Counsellor-Approved Clinical Supervisor (RCC-ACS), which upholds specific standards of training and skills required to hold this title. In receiving continuing education to become an RCC-ACS, you will have an opportunity to deepen your skills, to receive feedback from accomplished members of the field, and to cultivate your capacity to effectively supervise other mental health professionals.

As a future clinical supervisor you will have a profound impact on the educational and developmental journey of peer clinicians, will demonstrate an achieved standard of experience, and will acquire increased professional recognition in the counselling community. In the coming years, having the designation of RCC-ACS will be the gold standard in British Columbia for providing clinical supervision, and will afford you greater opportunities in career development and practice. Here at Skylark Counselling we have an exceptional team of clinical supervisors, all of whom hold the RCC-ACS designation, and who can support you on your path to becoming a clinical supervisor!

Counsellors who are not pursuing the RCC-ACS designation but who are seeking clinical supervision to further their professional growth are also welcome to book in!
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Clinical Consultation – Standard


50 minutes
(Plus applicable GST taxes)

Clinical Consultation – Extended


80 minutes
(Plus applicable GST taxes)