Direct Billing With Skylark Counselling

For a Hassle-Free Experience

Skylark values accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring every individual, irrespective of their background or abilities, can access our services with ease. We’re committed to providing a clear, straightforward, and transparent direct billing process, catering to both students and a broader audience.

Our Direct Billing Availability

  • We offer direct billing with as many insurance providers as we are allowed, making your mental health care journey financially more convenient.
  • Skylark service users with extended health benefits can have their counselling sessions billed directly to their insurer, minimizing out-of-pocket expenses and simplifying the payment process.
  • If you insurer offers direct billing for counselling we will happily do the paperwork for you.

If your insurer does not provide direct billing for counselling, we’re happy to provide a receipt in order for you to submit directly to them.

Wondering If Your Insurance Supports Direct Billing?

Here’s a list of providers that currently offer direct billing with us

  • ICBC
  • First Responder CISM Programs
  • Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP)
  • Autism Funding (AFU)
  • GreenShield
  • MEDAVIE Blue Cross
    • Veteran Affairs
    • Canadian Armed Forces
    • RCMP
  • SSQ Financial
  • First Nations Health Authority (FNHA)
  • Metis Nation BC (MNBC)
  • Sunshine Coast Health Centre (SCHC)

How Does Direct Billing Work?

  • Check Your Insurance Coverage: Before your first session, get in touch with your insurer to confirm they cover counseling with Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCCs).
  • Share Your Insurance Details: While booking, our team will ask for your insurance details. We value your privacy and handle all details with confidentiality.
  • We Handle the Billing: After your session, we bill your insurance provider directly. This way, you often won’t need to pay upfront.
  • Settle Any Remaining Amounts: Your insurance will process the payment as per your plan. If there’s any amount left, we’ll let you know.

What If My Provider Doesn't Support Direct Billing?

If your provider isn’t on our list, please reach out to inquire on how we can further support or you can submit your session receipts to them to be reimbursed if covered by your plan. Here’s an overview on how:

  • Get Your Receipt: Our system will automatically send you a receipt when your session is paid
  • Submit to Your Insurer: Follow your insurers recommendations for submitting the receipt to them, often this can be done online
  • Wait for Your Reimbursement: Your insurer will process and reimburse you, depending on coverages, limits and specific criteria. Please confirm this information before your first session.

Some Providers Want A Personal Connection With You

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Understand your plan: Different plans have unique rules and amounts to be covered.
  • Stay updated: If there are changes in your insurance, please inform us so we can serve you better.

Reach Out with Questions

Our dedicated Skylark team is here to support your mental health journey, and we aim to make the financial aspect as straightforward as possible. For inquiries, contact us:

📧 Email:
📞 Phone: 778-899-3802

Skylark respects all cultural and personal preferences regarding mental health care. We acknowledge and appreciate the diverse backgrounds of our clients.

Last Updated: November 14, 2023