Crisis Counselling


Staying Safe

During this difficult time that our world is facing, we must all shift our lives to stay safe and for the protection of our society and its future. We continue to offer secure online therapy available for anyone wanting sessions in the comfort of your own home. We want you to know that we are open for in person appointments and you are not alone. Even though physical distancing continues to be our reality, that does not mean it needs to lead to social disconnection. Connect on managing stress and recent changes to life challenges, and discuss strategies to stay grounded during a challenging time for everyone.

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Individual Online Sessions

Book directly online, receive a secure link through your email for a video session.

Online Groups Lead by Registered Clinical Counsellors

Group Sessions Available 

Navigating Work Challenges during a Pandemic

An opportunity to connect on the difficulties of working during a pandemic. We will provide a space to speak about the unspoken, and to share insights into making life easier. Permission to talk about past and present work challenges like working from home, resentment towards continued working while others qualify for CERB, shifting focus from where people don’t have control to where they do have control, highlighting individual and company strengths and coping capabilities.

Stress Management

It’s not necessarily one additional event that makes life overwhelming at times, it’s the cumulation of multiple, consecutive events that we were not able to prepare for. This session focuses on ways we can de-stress in the moment and sustain ways we can move forward with less pressure and more ease.

Finding opportunity in COVID-19

This shift in the world has provided us permission to re-evaluate our priorities, to reflect and look inward and this can often be a unique and challenging place. This session further expands on gratitude and happiness, even in uncertainty.

Relationship Support

Relationships can be challenging even without world chaos. In this session, a relationship expert will discuss communication strategies, individual versus relationship needs, and the importance of re-prioritizing.

Maintaining Motivation

How to achieve self-growth goals in a sustainable, realistic manner. Recent world events have given us opportunities to reflect and redirect towards who we want to be and what we want to do. This session focuses on maintaining movement and inspiration when feeling exhausted or burnt-out.

Looking Forward to Finding a New Balance

 The world has changed so quickly, it’s hard to keep up. This session is for people whose lives have shifted significantly due to recent world events, and who are wanting to ground themselves by planning ahead, navigating change and expectations. For people that are wanting a specific plan, despite the unknown. Challenges like work-life balance, spousal unemployment, children, and the difficulties of uncertainty are supported.

Supporting Loved Ones During a Crisis

This session is for caregivers, parents, and/or family members separated by boarders, who are seeing loved ones struggling and are unsure what to do. We will discuss topics like communicating concern and expectations, challenging conversations, and emotional impact. We highlight boundaries, self-awareness, and familial conflict-resolution.

Mental Health Check In’s

An opportunity to talk to mental health professionals on any concerns you may have for yourself or for loved ones. A space to debrief, connect, and share resources. For people that may just have specific questions about therapy, a specific mental health disorder question, or wanting to normalize mental health challenges they have been experiencing recently. This group counselling session also serves as a meet-and-greet for a lot of people nervous about speaking to a therapist. Individual counselling is also a great way.