MCP, Registered Clinical Counsellor

Jenna Mitchell

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Jenna has extensive experience supporting people with anxiety, depression, trauma, sexual issues, and self-esteem. Jenna also has a strong research background in men’s mental health and sexuality, with a specific focus on supporting clients who have survived sexual trauma. Jenna’s open and warm approach comes across in sessions with a blend of clinical modalities to help meet the needs and goals of her clients. Jenna has a growth mindset and her passion for mental health shines in the way she problem solves, builds treatment plans, and shifts psychological patterns to tangible goals with her clients. Outside of the therapy space, Jenna loves reading thrillers, eating sushi, and exploring the outdoors, and is perseverant in finding the research about latest therapeutic tools and skills.

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Words to live by

It’s never too early or too late to be whoever you want to be. 

Q & A With our Staff

A little bit more about me


Bachelors of Arts (Honours) Major in Psychology, Minor in Counselling.
Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology.

Top Three Specializations?

Top Three Modalities of Therapy?

What led you to counselling?

My own experience as a client. The meaningful conversations I had with my own counsellor changed my life. You could say that I felt inspired to pay it forward.

What/who inspires you?

My clients! Every single day. Watching someone have the strength and courage to make changes in their life (however big or small) is always inspiring to witness.

What do people say your biggest strength is?

I think my biggest strength is using my creativity to help others. I love trying new things, and figuring out how to approach issues from different angles.

One thing you’ve learned from working with people?

Everyone is so unique. There truly is no ‘normal’. I think that the more clients I work with, and the more people I meet in my personal life the more I am able to expand my perspective and challenge my own beliefs. I love walking away from a conversation with a different opinoin than the one with which I arrived.

Favourite things to do?

Reading thrillers, paddle boarding, eating sushi, trying new restaurants, camping.

Something you're proud of (challenge you've overcome, etc.)?

Completing my education. It took no small amount of tears and sleepless nights, but thanks to my amazing family and partner, I’m on the other side of it now.

What would you tell a client who is meeting you for the first time?

I would tell them that they are in the driver’s seat when it comes to our sessions. I always want my clients to feel empowered and in control in choosing both topics we discuss, and goals we are working toward.

Favourite book and why?

The Shining, it doesn’t get spookier than that!