Why Choose Skylark?

We are the guidance counsellors that you wish you’d had in high school. We are the trusted advisors that you can feel safe with talking about things that you’ve never told anyone else. Like you, we are human. We get it. And we have the specialized training and the experience to help you wrestle that problem to the ground. Whether you’re haunted by the past or about to make an important decision about your future, we’re the people who can help you break it down and figure it out. We offer a no-obligation 15-minute consultation, in person and remote sessions, including evenings and weekends.


Who We Are, and Who We Aren’t

Our training, experience, and ongoing learning gives us options for dealing with different issues and unique situations. First, we listen. Really hear you out. Then, together, we’ll find the best way to work through whatever it is that’s keeping you from living your best life.

We know that horrible things happen. We know that relationships go off the rails. We know that life gets overwhelming. And, we know ways to ease your anxiety, get you through the crisis, and support you as you move forward.

We know that you are more than your trauma. We know that with understanding and professional guidance you can repair that relationship. We know that you can learn new techniques to cope with anxiety. Like the mechanic you take your car to, or the accountant who does your taxes, we are the professionals you need to solve human problems.

Specializing In

Reducing Stress

Stress is real. It comes from many different sources and can negatively impact our quality of life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, your sleep is disrupted, or you can’t seem to concentrate, stress could be the culprit. Dealing with stress is important, as it affects the mind and body. Professional therapy can bring back that sense of control and balance you need to enjoy life again.

Healthy Coping

It’s only human to try to find relief from stress, pain, depression, and anything that makes us feel unwell or unhappy. Sometimes though, the way we’ve coped becomes a problem itself. But giving up your coping method doesn’t seem to make sense either. That’s where we come in. Skylark counsellors will help you find alternative ways for you to cope; practical techniques to replace what isn’t working with healthy ones that do work. We’ll give you the tools you need to manage day to day, and where possible, to take steps to resolve the issue permanently.

Recovering from Trauma

Shocking, disturbing or abusive events can result in trauma that has a profound impact on your life. It affects us mentally and physically, as our brains wrestle to understand and protect us from further harm. Trauma can leave you anxious, fearful, hopeless, angry, or all of those at different times. Know that recovery is possible.

Understanding trauma is the first step. Skylark has counsellors that are specialists in this field. You are not alone. We will teach you how trauma creeps in to different aspects of your life; how the changes you’ve seen in yourself were meant to shield you, and why they aren’t working. Then, we’ll work together to choose techniques, adapted to your unique situation, to unburden you, build on your resilience in healthy ways, and rediscover joy.

Improving Relationships

Relationships are a living thing that grow and change with every interaction. Sometimes there’s a specific event that shakes the entire foundation, and sometimes it’s a lot of little things that leave you feeling wilted. Relationship counselling gives each person a safe and neutral space to speak their truth; an opportunity to dig down to understand each other; and, support to create a way forward.

The thing with relationships is that if you think there’s a problem, there is a problem. It may not be what you suspect, but something is making you feel uneasy. It’s always best to deal with an issue sooner rather than later, but our counsellors can help either way. We offer individual, couples, and family counselling to heal important relationships.

Ready to Move Forward?